Video Game User Testing


In my reader this morning was an amazing post from Boxes and Arrows. The Post centers around UX testing for the EA game Spore. The firm of Bolt|Peters lead the player research project for Spore, they set out to do one better than the usual focus group by coming at it from a UX perspective. What is interesting for us at Zemoga is that we use the Tobii system to achieve similar results for our UX testing and acceptance. As you will read in the full article, Bolt|Peters allowed the users to play for them selves and weren’t guided by a moderator or by other players. Using a complex system of webcams, audio feeds they were able to capture exactly what the users we trying to achieve and see where they were failing in their self-guided tasks. All of the testing was recorded and captured so they could study it and make it available to EA. Check out the video blow and the link to the whole article on Boxes and Arrows’ site.

Read the entire article here.