Creative Writing -More Cool Book Covers


Quickly following up from Friday’s post, Penguin Books has some terrific new covers for Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. I worked for Penguin when they first acquired the rights to reprint the Bond novels several years ago and they’ve really done a great job of presenting this work in a contemporary manner. Of course, this is the British side of the company. The American Art Director took a fun but radically different approach to the series. What does all this have to with interactive design? I’ll go in to this subject in more detail in a post later on this week. But suffice to say that repackaging existing content can be a huge part of an agency’s brief. As more and more companies look to monetize their existing information assets, presentation, organization and navigation are the keys to success in a crowded marketplace. With over a trillion indexed pages on the web, what are you doing to make your site stand out?

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