Does Your Site Have a Great Personality?


All of us have personal opinions about the design of everyday items like clothes, cars and personal accessories like jewelry, watches and cell phones. Just as these items carry certain types of personality and appeal, web site design and interaction targets the same type of consumer perceptions.

The best products and services may never make it to the consumer’s awareness if their first impression of your site does not strike an appropriate level of appeal.

In the competitive market your web design needs to project elements that positively reinforce consumer perception about your company’s character and your product’s value.

However making sense of the subjective opinion of your customers can be difficult to quantify. By using an assessment like the Product Personality Indicator with consumers you can take the qualitative opinion of your target user and display the results in bar graph form. You can even rate your site or new design against your competitors.

This kind of research can help you identify exactly what kind of personality your site is projecting (and whether it needs to be modified).

What’s your sites personality type? And is it the right one for targeting your customers?

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