FBWL, Hand Style #13

By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl) Hand Style by Sabrina Parada

Today we have a guest handstyler (like that … just made it up). Zemoga Art/UX Director Sabrina Parada. Here’s what she has to say about her wicked fancy script work.

“I like doodling around with ornaments and letters, trying to do stylish delicate forms. Retro style too comes as an inspiration, so I tried to put a little in the linear “shading” of the letters. From a distance it reads like “flower”, but not quite, so when you look at it for the second time, then you see the actual letters from FBWL. I think you don’t need to read what is says because the forms make it look good from any angle.” Take that flat, modern, computer fonts!!!

Have a great day and check back again when your’s truly will once again lay down they pen to paper for your enjoyment.