Link Love: Highlights from the first Week of 2012

If you’re anything like us, you spent a good part of this week responding to emails and catching up with clients. And though your reader of choice was probably jam-packed with tons of articles – and most probably surround the predictions of XYZ thought leader, media influencer, guru for social media in 2012, we’ll leave those out. But there are a few you may have missed.

Here are five:

Tim Leake on overusing the Facebook “Like” button. Worth a look as you and your clients move forward with your 2012 digital campaigns.

In 2010 Eric Schmidt of Google said, “Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” Crazy, right? Good read from Jeff Bullas on The Power of Content Marketing.

Sometimes we need to remember to look at social media from a human perspective (something our social media head, Briana Campbell, truly agrees with). Margie Clayman posted a great piece, “Are You Sure You Know What Matters?

The new social startup The Cools is a fashion marketplace to watch in 2012. has a nice walk-through of the site. As well as a run down of what sets it apart from other social and fashion (and social fashion) sites out there right now.

Fred Wilson says, “It’s like reading and writing to me. Everyone should know how to code.” His New Year’s resolution? To get back his coding skills with Codeacademy’s Code Year in 2012. Some of the less techy amongst us are joining him. What about you?

And, as an added bonus, in case you missed it earlier in the week, we had a much-Tweeted post on how to do PR right in the age of Social Media. Big thanks to Ted Rubin for sharing it with his followers, and for his thoughtful comment. Our social media prediction for 2012? That marketers will finally get a handle on the social/relationship part of social media. (Normally we won’t toot our own horns, but we really think you’ll enjoy – and agree with – the post).