Our social campaign for Paramount is escalating quickly!


Paramount Pictures International tapped Zemoga to help them promote the international release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, because… well, this movie is kind of a big deal. And what better way to create brand awareness and encourage participation than by creating an online portal that invites (via a “Breaking News” alert from Ron Burgundy himself) fans to submit an audition video to join Ron’s news crew! Each week, the most majestic of audition videos are hand selected and then featured in a highlight reel for the entire world to enjoy.

Because of its growing user-base and popularity overseas, a custom-skinned Tumblr site was chosen as the experience hub. With the Anchorman franchise already entrenched in this platform via the user-created universe of memes that have been created over the years, Zemoga further promoted this cultural phenomenon by empowering fans with an Anchorman 2 themed meme generator of their very own.

The fun doesn’t stop there. To ensure widespread reach of the brand, Zemoga also created stand-alone applications for both the Audition Submission experience and the Meme Generator, that were syndicated to 8 of Paramount’s international Facebook pages and Will Ferrell’s person profile page. Throw in a couple of videos of Ron Burgundy to help sell the experience via media outlets around the world, and we’ve got a campaign worthy of even Baxter’s standards.


Semana Santa

Colombia has more public holidays than any other country in the world (I know, I know, you want to go work in our Bogota office now!). And this week they celebrate Semana Santa – the Holy Week between Palm and Easter Sundays.

While it is a religious holiday, as most in Colombia are, since businesses are closed on Thursday and Friday, many take the opportunity to travel to vacation spots, sit by the beach and, if they are from Bogota, escape the rain! The people of Popayán, the religious center of Colombia, however, celebrate with a festival for processions – dating back 400 years!

Holy Week processions in Popayán are a 400-year long tradition. According to the Spanish chroniclers of the time, religious parades began to appear around 1566; that is, 30 years after the foundation of Popayán. Since that time and up to the present, the right to participate in the procession as an effigy bearer is generally passed from fathers to sons and is considered a privilege.

In the course of the years, the Holy Week processions in Popayán became enriched with the arrival of beautiful images by artists from Spain and Quito who devoted their inspiration to the different scenes of the passion of Christ.

Have you celebrated Holy Week in Popayán? What did you think? How do you normally celebrate the week and your days off of work? Let us know in the comments!

image via the Colombia Travel Flickr Page



Intern Nefeli MEET THE INTERNS: Nefeli

1. What school do you go to and what do you study?

I go to Pratt Institute in NYC, earning an MFA in Communications Design.

2. How was your first day at Zemoga? What was your first impression of the Z Team?

I felt welcome and very comfortable. It didn’t seem like a “first day” – it was as if I had