Postcard Winners: Posters on the Wall

photograph by Daniel Licht
This photo was taken with FujiChrome Slide film in Daniel’s 13 Year old Lomo. It was cross-processed, a method of developing slide film as if it was regular film. This brings out the colors and causes more contrast.

It was taken on Daniel’s second trip to Bogotá. He spent 2 weeks working and living in the city. He got to travel around with one of his best friends, Alejandro (as in @zemogalejo) and experience the city.  Alejo was just leaning on the wall and there was a great collection of posters that had been layered on top of each other. Dan tends to shoot a lot from the hip and he thinks this turned out well.

Plaza de Bolivar’ is the main square in Bogota. In  the past, peasants would take their products and sell them to the people in Bogota. The square has radically changed and it is now an important political center for Bogota


Real-Life UX, or Everything I Know I Learned at the Zoo

real life UX Real Life UX, or Everything I Know I Learned at the Zoo

By Dan Licht (@thedvl)

On a recent trip to the zoo with my wife and son, I realized this place was designed. Not just the signage, or the plaques describing the animals genus or place of origin. I mean the entire experience. Some may say “duh.” It’s an attraction, of course. But I’m talking


Ever Search Google On Your Palm?

By Dan Licht (@thedvl)

I’m not talking about a smartphone, I’m talking about your actual palm.

We’ve seen demos of these kinds of kinetic interfaces before but I’m always fascinated to see how the technology has advanced. If you get pat the technical jargon in this video, you can see how something like this could be used


More on Visual Communication

By Dan Licht (@thedvl)

We could follow the lead of many bloggers this week and give you many more predictions about what’s coming up for 2010. But if we have had any consistent message on this year it’s that the digital world is moving so fast that looking 12-18 months out can be self defeating (remember that less than a year and a half


Are You Stuck in Neutral?

Neutral Are You Stuck in Neutral?

By Dan Licht (@thedvl)

What do you do when a project is stuck in neutral?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and it percolated up to the top of my brain this morning when I was watching MORNING JOE on MSNBC. The panel was discussing President Obama’s plan to meet with the Senate today to discuss options for moving healthcare reform forward.



The Future of Media – Why Print Doesn’t Get It & What Digital Design Can Teach Them

futurenewspaper The Future of Media   Why Print Doesn’t Get It & What Digital Design Can Teach Them

Disclaimer time here. This is strictly my personal opinion and not an official Zemoga statement. But from time to time we all feel the urge to get up on our soapboxes.

We’ve been attending a lot of conferences lately where the future of media (both offline and online) has been the major topic of discussion. In fact, this morning our Chief Creative Officer, Dan Licht attended Gotham Media’s Breakfast Summit where the topic was “MEDIA IN CRISIS: IS THERE A WAY OUT?”. Here’s a quote Dan tweeted from one of this morning’s presenters:

“Newspapers are the only unbiased journalism. 1000s of bloggers aren’t journalist nor are they unbiased”


The Innovations That Defined 2011

I asked some of the Z-team to share what they thought were the digital innovations that defined 2011.

Of course the iPhone 4S (and its best pal Siri), the Kindle Fire and the iPad2 came up as obvious in the course of the conversation. But as we here at Zemoga don’t deal in the obvious, we thought we’d touch on a couple of smaller innovations that not only made big impressions in 2011, but will lead us into a whole new path for 2012.
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My Tablet Is On Fire

by Dan Licht (@thedvl)

The Kindle Fire is no iPad. It’s also not an iPad killer (as stated in comments to our first review). But I personally don’t really think Mr. Bezos (or anyone at Amazon) would think it could be. We all know the basics, it’s not as fast, large or capable as it’s pomaceous competitor. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a capable device.

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