Hi there!  Zemoga, an award-winning interactive design, creative and development agency seeks candidates for an internship with the online staff of our New York City office. The position focuses on using social media to publish content, engage our clients and encourage customer-generated news, photos, videos and more.  Our company culture is not typical of a traditional agency at all.  We encourage individuality and creativity, allowing you to maximize your true potential in the digital innovation field.  Clients such as Sears, HBO, A&E Television and BMW (to name just a few) have fallen in love with our services.  But our success begins and ends with our amazing staff.


Our ideal candidate will help update, promote and publicize our newly updated website,; help develop and participate in several blogs (including our company blog, FromBogotaWithLove); increase our presence on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube and more; monitor our forward-thinking blogs making them more reader-friendly; and help our staffers to learn and apply the power, functionality and excitement of social media.

In addition, you will have a chance to help contribute and develop social media strategies for Zemoga’s range of Fortune 1000 clients including a wide array of entertainment, auto, e-retailer sites and many, many more.  We currently are branching out to various exciting industries that are all realizing the true value of digital, interactive innovation.  Won’t you help us with our growth?

We’re seeking applicants in their junior year of college or higher for this Fall semester internship.  As this is not your typical 9-5, we really do want a go-getter who shows us their dedication without being told what to do.

Additionally, to apply, you’ll need to demonstrate first that you can write, with good communication skills and an awareness of the principles of strong copywriting. Second, show us you’re engaged in social networks. Do you blog? Twitter? Post YouTube videos? Other sites? How have you used your presence in social networks to advance your life — personally and/or professionally?  As you know, this industry is ever changing and every day new innovations appear.  This internship is not just a resume-filler. Although the environment is extremely fun and easy-going we take our work and our relationships very seriously and hope that you would do the same.  Please (really, please) check out and and see if this would be something you could sink your teeth into.

Please drop us a line (with writing samples attached or a link to your portfolio), send it to and tell us a little bit about yourself.

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