Link Love: A Week In Gaming


Since we wrote about it going mainstream earlier in the week, we thought it would be fun to close the week with some links you may have missed – all about one of our favorite topics: Gaming.

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Gamification Hits The Mainstream

No longer just for nerds, gamification hits the mainstream with big brands adopting it and millions being poured into it. The infographic below (via Big Door) walks you through the big news from 2011 and the predictions for 2012.

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Link Love: Highlights from the first Week of 2012

If you’re anything like us, you spent a good part of this week responding to emails and catching up with clients. And though your reader of choice was probably jam-packed with tons of articles – and most probably surround the predictions of XYZ thought leader, media influencer, guru for social media in 2012, we’ll leave those out. But there are a few you may have missed.

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Seminar: Interaction Design for Mobiles

by Luis Alveart

Aware of the relevance of the mobile environment, some of the Zemoga team attended the online seminar: Interaction Design for Mobiles. The person in charge was Dani Armengol from Usolab, a firm located in Barcelona, Spain.

The colloquium was very revealing, as we learned interesting and surprising information about the growth of online purchases on mobile devices. We also learned that in the near future people will have more mobile hardware than they will desktop computers, so we need to be prepared to respond to that trend and offer better solutions and more engaging experiences.

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Will the Real Definition of “Like” Please Step Forward?

by Ted Rubin (@TedRubin)

Now that the New Year is officially underway, I think it’s time to put into action the concept I started to discuss in an earlier post, “Let’s take back the word ‘Friend’.” However, let’s look at it from the Facebook business page standpoint of a “Like.” First, what does the term “Like” mean in social media?

The fourth edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Current English lists the verb “like” as follows:
like2*v. (likes, liking, liked) 1 find pleasant or satisfactory.
2 wish for; want.

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Best of Zemoga 2011: Fall Reel

At Zemoga, we’re proud of the work we do. So we put together a reel to show it all off to you. Clients featured include Citibank, Toyota and the Mozilla Foundation.

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