FBWL, Hand Style #23

By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)

A faked brushed script. Wanted to do one with my nice brush pen but alas it was clogged, so I made a mock one. Hope you like.  If you haven’t gone over to www.burnthiskeepthat.com to create your own Año Viejo and make sure to add your favorite hand style to the #keepthat list.

Have a great weekend peoples of the internets.


Why We SPARK it Up

By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)

That’s right I said it: we spark it up all the time. The real question is why. We have spent so much time (even pre-Zemoga) developing the richest experiences for our clients and partners. And in all that time we have picked up a few things. But the how is not as important as why. Read more


FBWL, Hand Style #20

Hand Style by Briana Campbell (@MsMatchGirl)

Our guest handstyler is none other than our Special Ops agent Briana Campbell, she has a fever and the only cure is 90’s hand style!

“I was feeling a little retro and wanted to use a standard Sharpie to create something that would look similar to the way I doodled on my 3-Ring binders and the rubber of my sneakers back in the early 90s.”

Have an amazing weekend!

Posted By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)


FBWL, Hand Style #19

By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)

BIG NOODLES! A nice noodle script for you, today. These styles always seems a little Western to me… Spaghetti Western that is! Tomorrow is Friday and that means it’s a guest handstyler for you all. Have a good night.


FBWL, Hand Style #17

By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)

Its happy accident day, with our hand style. And in moving my ruler a bit I was able to give this a bit of the David Carson effect. Its started as an attempt to remove some of the elements of each letter to generate new letterforms that were still recognizable as their origins


FBWL, Hand Style #16

Hand Style By Juan Diego Velasco(@tatuajefalso)

It’s a busy Friday here at Zemoga and we are pumped to have one of our super talented designers from our Bogotá office as our guest handstyler. Juan Diego Velasco has this to say about his interesting almost “paper cut” like entry:

“I wanted to design a type made of a single line, drawn without lifting the pencil from the paper. I have always been interested in the way ligatures are created by REAL typographers. I thought this would be an easy approach, finding a way to connect all the glyphs together. Once I had the line drawn, I made it thicker and added some details to the terminations. Later, when I was inking, I decided to fill the eyes and bowls too, which, I think, gave the type more personality.”

Juan, I see a little Joan Miro in there, and I like it!

Have an amazing weekend!

Posted By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)


FBWL, Hand Style #15

By Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)

I found the littlest handmade typewriter on my desk yesterday, and look what it’s type looks like, awwww its so cute.

We’ve got a guest artist tomorrow. Juan Diego Velasco(@tatuajefalso) is a designer in our Bogotá office. He’s got a nice one to take us into the weekend.