Offshore vs. Nearshore 101: The subtle, but serious difference.

I get this question often. “What’s the difference between offshore and nearshore? Isn’t one just closer?” In a word, Yes. But the impact of that proximity can have a major impact across a multitude of project delivery challenges. So here is a simple comparison that more and more buyers of these services are seeing first hand.


Your OTT App Build: In House or Out?

Whether or not you believe the future of TV is OTT (Over the Top, as in no cable box), having a solid strategy and solution that captures this continuing trend is paramount to any business that uses video or sees the overwhelming potential. It’s become common for consumers to “cut-the-cord” and give up cable TV and opt for SVOD services such as Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now.


In the battle of the bundle, customer experience is everything

During the television industry’s “Post-network era” we witnessed the dominance of the big three networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC deteriorate. Cable companies began to offer subscribers in the United States content “bundles” that included a variety of new and exciting networks at once economical rates. Finally there was choice, and plenty of it.


NRF 2019: Building a Digitally Differentiated Retail Experience Begins with Zemoga

Today’s retailers and brands are facing an unprecedented amount of pressure to deliver digitally differentiated customer experiences, and that’s an understatement. As consumers continuously demand and expect digital and mobile-first shopping experiences, retail organizations can no longer simply tout that they have a digital offering. The truth of the matter is that the digital experience they do offer has to bring something new to the table, an experience that keeps consumers coming back for more, or retailers risk losing consumer share to the likes of Amazon.


Changing the way retail design and technology is delivered

We recently had the pleasure of having Cathy Hotka – one of retail’s most connected and influential people – at our offices in Bogotá. Our leadership within the digital retail space continues to grow, and Cathy was a great source of knowledge to expand and validate our views in all things related to digital retail. We’re looking forward to seeing her again in NYC during NRF2019 and at her Retail Insiders Party.