The Digital “El Niño”

The digital world has changed rapidly over these few years, though the facts remain the same: Through all of the digital innovations and start-up development in the United States, Latin America continues to grow, offering amazing potential as a resource for businesses.


It’s outsmarting, not outsourcing

Let’s face it. We live and work in a world where the technology we use to make our lives “easier” changes faster than we can keep up with as consumers. Nothing easy about that.  Now, imagine being the innovator creating these inventions, struggling to be agile and fluid enough in their approach to invention so they can be competitive, without putting their eggs in the wrong tech basket or screwing up the creation of an innovation because they bit off something they never chewed before.


The top 10 sharpest production tools your team needs to have in its shed

Confucius emphasizes the merits of diligence and experience stating, “the mechanic that would perfect his work, must first sharpen his tools”.  It is easy to fall into a production rut In today’s fast-paced world of technological “mechanics” as a result of “over-familiarity” with commonly used tools. At Zemoga, we’ve enjoyed the unique pleasure of working with our clients’ teams across multiple verticals in new technologies and platforms all over the world, constantly innovating new and exciting ways to accomplish our goals, or as we say at Zemoga “build better”.


How To Select Modern Digital Partners

The agency model used to be pretty straightforward – produce great creative and slot it into the right mass media to reach a target audience. Digital has upended the model, driven by data, personalization, and microtargeting across audiences and channels. Clients can now seek out a mix of creative, technology, data, and strategy partners – which can be a double-edged sword with a host of new players now competing for a piece of the pie. Here are four areas to consider when selecting partners in this new digital ecosystem.


3 ways to improve digital performance before year end

There’s still time to make a digital impact in 2017 with remaining budget dollars, and also kickstart 2018 planning. Are all your ducks in a row for how you and your team are going to leverage budgets in a smart and impactful way? Making sure the tasks and priorities are well thought out is critical for online success. Fixing something that does not improve adoption and sales in the near term can be a killer long term. Here are a few suggestions that if done right now, might reveal an opportunity to see greater improvement in the performance of your digital efforts, and bottom line, both this year and next.


UX talent shortfall: 5 Reasons why the solution you need is at your doorstep.

Forrester’s recent 2017 study on UX states that “expertly designed User Experience can increase conversion upwards of 400%!” Not surprisingly, demand for UX talent in the US is greatly outstripping supply. According to SimplyHired, “New York tops the list with 17,967 available UX Design jobs, San Francisco following in second with 14,057 jobs, and Seattle in third with 5,540 jobs”.


How To Create Concepts Brands Can Grasp

If you’ve followed Zemoga for any length of time you would notice that we often work closely with PSFK to help create concepts around “the future”. Subjects like the future of work, healthcare, and retail. We love getting to work with these guys. It’s always a pleasure to just sit down and think “What is something we want to see in the world?” We thought it would be fun to kind of pull back our process a bit, to show you how we ultimately land on some of our concepts and how they made the cut.


Just One More Thing

Padforce Process Map Just One More ThingWe told you we would steal that tagline. As part of our ongoing efforts to help our clients empower their sales teams, we’ve designed a new platform to unleash the power of 2011’s hottest technology … the iPad. PADFORCE ONE is a state of the art tool that gives its users a competitive edge. Designed and built by Zemoga, this robust