The Country Without a Christmas Sale

Holiday Sale

I had the pleasure of spending all of last week in our Bogota office. I love it – I love working with our team, I love the food scene in Bogota (that’s a whole other blog post…) the music, and this trip, the weather was amazing too.

Bogota is home to some fabulous fashion designers, whose boutiques I try to visit on each of my trips. Whether I get some EPK for my Daughters, (, Mercedes Salazar for my lovely wife ( or Arturo Calle ( ) for me,  as an American, I enjoy the exchange rate and load up on amazing products, at fantastic prices.

Last week was no different – I went to the famous El Retiro mall in Bogota to grab some holiday gifts, wanting to take advantage of the huge savings holiday sales would provide. The strengthening Dollar + Holiday Sales = Great value for cheap ol’ me.

Boy was I surprised. Read more


Apps We Love – Google Search for iPhone

Googlespeak graphic

What were Christopher Columbus’s three ships? Can you name them? I couldn’t. My daughters and my wife were driving to a birthday party, and out of nowhere, Zoe, my eldest, asked the question. She remembered the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, but we were not so sure of the third ships’ name – we all knew it – but we all have these moments where something we


The Agile Process

cubes2 The Agile Process

I know that some developers our there use the Hope methodology, some might use the Pray methodology, but those don’t really work for real, mission critical, high volume applications like the ones we build.

So we went on a search for the kind of methodology that would facilitate fast, iterative, user centric application development. Most traditional methodologies are very “Waterfall” oriented (i.e.