From Klout to Gout

by Jason Brandt (@jasondmg3

Recently, as most everyone who is anyone now knows, Klout re-jiggered their algorithm and in one fell swoop pissed off a lot of folks who do their damnedest to maintain their Social Media IQ much like they would a well-tended garden. Constant watering, weeding here and there, a little sun, some manure, and, voila…”check out the size of my CUCUMBER”!  But, get a little lazy, let the weeds start to edge in, miss a few soaks, and, boo hoo…regarde mon petit cornichon “.

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The Woes of "Os"

by Jason Brandt (@jasondmg3)

Pop quiz.

You are in a pharmacy, invited behind the counter and offered to freely sample the variety of pills, potions, powders in the pharmacist’s stores.  You check the labels to see if any of the products are recognizable and, not surprisingly, they are pretty darn foreign. But, you start to rationalize – they are in an official container, have been approved by the FDA, have made their way into the local CVS, and therefore, off goes the top, and you start to  sample. First blue ones, then pink, yellow, then scored, then smooth ones, round ones, oblong ones, large ones, small ones.

Sounds ridiculous?  Of course it is, who in their right mind would do that?

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