Save 30%+ On Digital Budgets

With expanding channels and platforms, audience fragmentation, and emerging technologies, business leaders are asked to do more with their digital budgets. Many US firms turn to outsourcing due to salary inflation driven by a digital talent crunch. The challenge is finding the right partners to supercharge digital efforts while maintaining quality and lowering cost. Zemoga’s recent work with a major global financial firm helped them save over 30% of their digital budgets by smartly outsourcing software support, experience production, and digital product prototyping. Below are three key elements to save budget while driving the top and bottom lines through outsourcing.


Data + Experience

Personalized, data-driven experiences and content are the new standard of customer expectations. These experiences deliver the right content in the right place at the right time in the user journey to influence behavior. From our work across many industries (retail, financial, media, health, education) we’ve seen what’s effective and scalable for leading, innovative brands. Here are four areas to consider to get the most out of your personalization efforts.


Tips To Streamline Digital Planning

It’s that time of year again: digital planning! Whether it’s deciding how to use remaining 2017 funds smartly before the holiday rush or preparing initial budgets for 2018, planning often hits right when teams are pushing to final delivery of major initiatives. The process can also be dominated by spreadsheets from finance. Here are recommendations and a lightweight framework to help streamline efforts and increase effectiveness.


Simplified Customer Experience Drives Results

An overwhelmed customer is not a happy one. With thousands of retail sites and stores to choose from, plus social reviews and search ads, it’s tempting for retailers to put everything they can offer right upfront – leading to confusion, frustration, and cart abandonment. Leading retailers are addressing this “Paradox of Choice” through simplified customer experiences in both the physical and digital worlds.


Mobile-Social-Video Convergence

Mobile, Social, and Video are converging in interesting and potentially profound ways. Understanding recent growth trends and the overlap in each area provides insight on how brands and retailers can prepare for and take advantage of this convergence.


Modern Brand Pillars

With the annual Cannes advertising awards just wrapping up last week, it got us thinking about what it takes to build successful brands today. Advertising is still a hugely important part of marketing awareness and brand building – but this isn’t the age of Mad Men anymore. Below are the pillars of creating a successful modern brand.


Innovating Outside the (Retail) Box

We all aspire to find ways to break new ground. To help our companies innovate. We look for new paths to find that place no one in our industry has gone. Sometimes, innovating is the difference between thriving and barely surviving.


Design Thinking & The Fiduciary Rule

How can Financial Services firms prosper in a post-Fiduciary Rule world? Looking at the rule’s potential implications through a design thinking lens can provide insights on best practices for a customer-driven world, especially from experiences in digital channels.