Moments of truth in mobile retail experience

The mobile web and app wave hit us years ago, but many retail brands are still adjusting to the new buying reality. More people now browse the web on mobile devices than desktops. Customers discover brands in different ways, learn about products with a mix of old and new channels, and expect an easy and convenient buying process.


We’re Growing…as usual

You know that at Zemoga we are experts at building better digital experiences for our clients, you might be wondering how we do it. Well, it is all about the talent.


Post-Digital Transformation, Now What?

Digital transformation has been going on for decades. First it was on the financial side of the enterprise, then operations, then marketing. Today all these functions are attempting to integrate, with the customer at the center and technology and data holding it all together (and lots of consultants offering pov’s to the Board). At Zemoga we take a practical approach to building a better company through digital experience – more real world up than powerpoint down.


Building Better Digital Products in Financial Services

We’ve helped design and build a number of digital products for Financial Services firms in recent years and see recurring themes in this growing area. The shift to integrated Product Management, User Experience, and Technology teams has greatly improved both time to market and user adoption.