Responding to Responsive

One thing that sets Zemoga apart from the run of the mill interactive agencies is our ability to stay one step ahead of the other guys. We have proven this time and time again through our innovations in digital healthcare marketing, augmented reality, commercial application development for iPads, etc.


Welcome Gerber Life to the Zemoga Family

Earlier this year, Zemoga welcomed Gerber Life to our client roster. And staying on the baby theme, we just delivered a unique online promotion designed as a contest – but really created to help parents start saving for college!


If it Ain’t Broke…

Four years and hundreds of projects later, the Sears Holdings and Zemoga partnership is stronger then ever. Read on to see what makes the bond so special!


You BETcha!

We are happy to announce that the force was with our UX Jedi Masters at Zemoga during May and June as we redesigned’s homepage – in full responsive web design fashion. Check out how we got there – but better yet – go to and see the work.


TV, TV Everywhere, enough to make you think

Re-think engagement is more like it. Zemoga’s efforts in Media & Entertainment are part of our ZNA and growing daily. Starting with our first client to our most recent client, Viacom, we have a great story around design and innovation that is worth the read.