Friday Fun: New York Office Edition

fish fin 2 Friday Fun: New York Office Edition

By now you know, since you’re a faithful reader of this blog and a super big fan of Zemoga, that the Z-team is all about green. This green object is prominently displayed in our New York office… What do you think it is?

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Lego Monsters!

One of the things we do at Zemoga is come up with ideas. Sometimes they are silly. Sometimes they are smart. Sometimes they are innovative. Sometimes they are inventive.

A couple of pics at one of the many ways we spark those ideas…


Bogota Fun Fact

Harry Warner stretched a cable between Guadalupe and Monserrate and tightrope walked between the two mountains in 189


Postcard Contest: Runners-Up

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From Laura Martínez: “Every weekend, dozens of people take the tourist train from the Usaquén station towards small towns close to Bogotá where they can get to know beautiful places such as the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá and also try delicious Colombian desserts in Cajicá.”


JA JA JA – My Funniest Moment At Zemoga

by Sven Larsen

I had known our Chairman and Co-Founder DJ Edgerton for a number of years before I joined Zemoga. So I knew that working at Zemoga wasn’t going to be an ordinary employment experience. When I agreed to become a part of the Z-team, DJ suggested that I join him and Dan Licht on their next trip to Bogota, so that I could get up to speed as quickly as possible. What DJ didn’t know was that Alejandro Gomez and DJ’s wife Carolyn had a special surprise party planned for his 40th birthday party. Dan and I were both sworn to secrecy and told that we had to get DJ back to our hotel at a specific time on Friday night.

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Postcard Winner: Pedestrian Bridge

Photograph by Juan Diego Velasco
This is a pedestrian bridge located on a ‘Transmileno’ station named ‘Minuto de Dios’.

Juan was done with his classes by 5:00 pm, what is known as “golden hour” or the “magic hour”  (the first and last hour of sunlight during the day). On his way from college to the station, Juan always had his camera and took random pictures, waiting for the light to make some sort of miracle. That day, when he got to the station he did not feel that secure having his camera out so he just hid it and started to “shoot from the hip.” Both, the time and the uncomfortable and accidental angle, contributed for this picture to come out as it did.

When he got home and downloaded the pictures to the computer he was surprised to see the the colors, the high contrast of the bridge against the sky, the angle, and how people moved along the photo.

For some reason, he always related this picture to a song called “Fast Forward” from the group Lali Puna.
So the tag line for this photo might be: “Going Fast Forward” or just “Puente


Postcard Winners: Posters on the Wall

photograph by Daniel Licht
This photo was taken with FujiChrome Slide film in Daniel’s 13 Year old Lomo. It was cross-processed, a method of developing slide film as if it was regular film. This brings out the colors and causes more contrast.

It was taken on Daniel’s second trip to Bogotá. He spent 2 weeks working and living in the city. He got to travel around with one of his best friends, Alejandro (as in @zemogalejo) and experience the city.  Alejo was just leaning on the wall and there was a great collection of posters that had been layered on top of each other. Dan tends to shoot a lot from the hip and he thinks this turned out well.

Plaza de Bolivar’ is the main square in Bogota. In  the past, peasants would take their products and sell them to the people in Bogota. The square has radically changed and it is now an important political center for Bogota