Zemoga: In the Belly of the Beast


The Rolling Stone feature article “In the Belly of the Beast” is an adaptive experience across all devices. There were heaps of UX wizardry that went into it, so we decided to document and share the challenges faced and the technology used to deliver on it.

The video below shares our experience with it, and showcases the quality of the team behind the project! Please check it out below.

To check the live site, go directly to: http://www.rollingstone.com/feature/belly-beast-meat-factory-farms-animal-activists


Seminar: Interaction Design for Mobiles

by Luis Alveart

Aware of the relevance of the mobile environment, some of the Zemoga team attended the online seminar: Interaction Design for Mobiles. The person in charge was Dani Armengol from Usolab, a firm located in Barcelona, Spain.

The colloquium was very revealing, as we learned interesting and surprising information about the growth of online purchases on mobile devices. We also learned that in the near future people will have more mobile hardware than they will desktop computers, so we need to be prepared to respond to that trend and offer better solutions and more engaging experiences.

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Al Gore Recognizes Zemoga’s Climate of Innovation at the PSFK Gaming for Good Event

By Sven Larsen & Dan Licht

Photo by Louis Caldarola (www.louiscaldarola.com)

One of the most fun parts about working at an organization that has innovation at its core is the opportunities we get to work with like minded partners. Piers Fawkes, Jeff Weiner and the team at PSFK are some of our favorite “fellow travelers” and we’re always excited whenever they invite us to participate in one of their innovation challenges. Their latest effort involved working with The Climate Reality Project on “PSFK Gaming for Good“, an initiative that challenged creative shops like ours to use gamification to promote awareness of climate change. The talented innovation team at Zemoga rose to the occasion once again, submitting a number of different approaches and we were delighted when one of our concepts was selected for inclusion among the top ten finalists. Quite an honor considering there were more than 60 agencies submitted material for consideration.

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Playing With Fire: First Impressions of Amazon’s New Device

By Sven Larsen

Is it worth it?

That’s the question everyone’s probably asking about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, a device some have called an “iPad killer”. For most of us the $200 price point of the Fire was enough to provoke some seriously heavy interest and make it an early contender for our Holiday wish lists. But for me, the initial question remained. Was this a serious play on Amazon’s part or would this end up being the next Zune?

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Top Five: Go-To Websites


by Juan Diego Velasco (@tatuajefalso)

It’s not easy to be loyal to a website these days when you spend most of your time online following links from Twitter, etc. However, these are some of my favorite sites, which I try to visit at least once a week.
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Steve Jobs Sucked at Design

by Daniel V. Licht (@thedvl)

Uh oh.

I’ve done it now.

Look, I’m an Apple advocate, have been since the first time I saw my Uncle’s Mac I (I’ve never owned anything but an Apple computer). That being said, Steve Jobs was many things, visionary, idea machine, brilliant businessman. But what he wasn’t was a designer.

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