Offshore vs. Nearshore 101: The subtle, but serious difference.

I get this question often. “What’s the difference between offshore and nearshore? Isn’t one just closer?” In a word, Yes. But the impact of that proximity can have a major impact across a multitude of project delivery challenges. So here is a simple comparison that more and more buyers of these services are seeing first hand.


Cultural collaboration is the key to partner success

The operation of outsourcing is becoming more prevalent and businesses are beginning to look at their options abroad, basing their choices on the assessments of a company’s cost, flexibility, and overall skills. But there’s one more highly critical piece to finding an outsourcing solution, and that’s finding the right cultural fit.


Save 30%+ On Digital Budgets

With expanding channels and platforms, audience fragmentation, and emerging technologies, business leaders are asked to do more with their digital budgets. Many US firms turn to outsourcing due to salary inflation driven by a digital talent crunch. The challenge is finding the right partners to supercharge digital efforts while maintaining quality and lowering cost. Zemoga’s recent work with a major global financial firm helped them save over 30% of their digital budgets by smartly outsourcing software support, experience production, and digital product prototyping. Below are three key elements to save budget while driving the top and bottom lines through outsourcing.