Employee Exchange Program: Yody Castro

What is your name and what do you do at Zemoga?


My name is Yody Castro, I’ve been working at Zemoga a year and a half, approximately, as a Web Designer.


What made you want to take part in the employee exchange program?


A couple of years ago I was studying in London, speaking English, but I’ve never had the chance to get to know how it is working in my discipline abroad. That’s why, when I knew about this opportunity, I just did’t think about it twice. It’s so much fun to try a different work environment for a bunch of weeks and have a look at the office and the people who probably are in contact with you everyday by chat, but you’ve never seen before in real life. For me, it’s like matching a face and a voice with a name that you just have read in emails.
In other words it’s a breath of fresh air.


What have you learned so far in the time you’ve been here? What do you think of the program?


I re-confirmed that everyday can give you surprises and chances to learn incredible things about people and places, and I’ve been here just 2 weeks, so there are a lot of good stuff coming! And… I’m in NY! 🙂




The Z-Team Takes Social Media Week

Well, Bogotá anyway…

Here are a few photos, by Zemoga’s own Rodrigo Bernal, of the Z-team enjoying the week.

Ferro, DJ, Alejo and Pardo enjoy Miller Beer O'Clock at SMWBOG

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Top Five: Go-To Websites

By Dennis Portello
What are the top 5 sites Zemoga’s Chief Nerd checks on frequently?

stackexchange.com This is my favorite goto network of Q&A sites for technical issues. The sites I use the most are stackoverflow.com and serverfault.com. The first is a general programming and development site, and the former is focused around servers, networking and infrastructure. I can usually find answers to my questions by searching the existing knowledge base. Often you can find a few solutions that are equally correct without posing the question yourself.

codinghorror.com Is the personal blog of Jeff Atwood, one of the founders of Stack Exchange. Jeff often ruminates on various positive and negative technology patterns in a entertaining way. As the name of the blog implies there are often some serious WTF type posts.

highscalability.com Cal Henderson, the author of “Building Scalable Web Sites” and engineer responsible for Flickr’s success, recommended this blog, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve gleamed crucial knowledge from this blog that has helped me in some very tricky moments, scaling applications while servers are being pounded. It’s also helped me design applications to be scalable ahead of time as well.

hackaday.com Hardware hacking is one of personal hobbies, I often visit this site to see some of the amazing things people have done with microcontrollers, or how they’ve bent various other consumer electronics to their will.

fuckyeahdementia.com This site is my palette cleanser. If I need a few moments to reset my brain, this is the best source of absurd and amusing web minutia. Unless you haven’t been to the site in a while, there’s never enough to distract you for long.

When From Bogota With Love first started, the Z-team made a point of sharing their inspiration with you, be it books, websites or music that was pushing the innovation and creative process forward. We’d like to pick that up again.

For the next several weeks, my fellow Zemogians and I will be sharing our Top Five. The series starts with our Top Five Go-To Websites.