NRF 2019: Building a Digitally Differentiated Retail Experience Begins with Zemoga

Today’s retailers and brands are facing an unprecedented amount of pressure to deliver digitally differentiated customer experiences, and that’s an understatement. As consumers continuously demand and expect digital and mobile-first shopping experiences, retail organizations can no longer simply tout that they have a digital offering. The truth of the matter is that the digital experience they do offer has to bring something new to the table, an experience that keeps consumers coming back for more, or retailers risk losing consumer share to the likes of Amazon.


Save 30%+ On Digital Budgets

With expanding channels and platforms, audience fragmentation, and emerging technologies, business leaders are asked to do more with their digital budgets. Many US firms turn to outsourcing due to salary inflation driven by a digital talent crunch. The challenge is finding the right partners to supercharge digital efforts while maintaining quality and lowering cost. Zemoga’s recent work with a major global financial firm helped them save over 30% of their digital budgets by smartly outsourcing software support, experience production, and digital product prototyping. Below are three key elements to save budget while driving the top and bottom lines through outsourcing.


Emerging Technologies To Watch

The iPhone is 10 years old. The App Store, once the driving engine behind innovation, is now boring. And in that time, your company has gone mobile. It’s fiddled with an app of its own. It’s optimized checkout flows, gone all in on social, and remember toying with that wearables idea? The point is: tech is looking less like the Wild West, and more like settled business on some fronts. For now at least. Out there looming are technologies that could upend various sectors once again. New digital experience models could change how consumers and businesses discover, shop, and use products, and reshape the perception of products, themselves. Here are a few of the next-gen technologies to keep an eye on to stay on your toes.


Retail Personalization Do’s & Don’ts

When done effectively, creating retail experiences driven by personalization can increase both conversion and customer satisfaction. Here are some rules for the road when planning and executing personalization efforts.