Modern Brand Pillars

With the annual Cannes advertising awards just wrapping up last week, it got us thinking about what it takes to build successful brands today. Advertising is still a hugely important part of marketing awareness and brand building – but this isn’t the age of Mad Men anymore. Below are the pillars of creating a successful modern brand.


Innovating Outside the (Retail) Box

We all aspire to find ways to break new ground. To help our companies innovate. We look for new paths to find that place no one in our industry has gone. Sometimes, innovating is the difference between thriving and barely surviving.


Design Thinking & The Fiduciary Rule

How can Financial Services firms prosper in a post-Fiduciary Rule world? Looking at the rule’s potential implications through a design thinking lens can provide insights on best practices for a customer-driven world, especially from experiences in digital channels.


Why Prototype?

Market tastes and product economics change quickly today, making it challenging for even well crafted digital experiences to stay relevant. A modern design and production process (ideation – design/build – testing) should be built on a foundation of prototyping. While in the past prototyping may have been considered an added expense, it’s now more affordable, approachable, and key to managing ongoing investments in digital.


Emerging Technologies To Watch

The iPhone is 10 years old. The App Store, once the driving engine behind innovation, is now boring. And in that time, your company has gone mobile. It’s fiddled with an app of its own. It’s optimized checkout flows, gone all in on social, and remember toying with that wearables idea? The point is: tech is looking less like the Wild West, and more like settled business on some fronts. For now at least. Out there looming are technologies that could upend various sectors once again. New digital experience models could change how consumers and businesses discover, shop, and use products, and reshape the perception of products, themselves. Here are a few of the next-gen technologies to keep an eye on to stay on your toes.


Moments of truth in mobile retail experience

The mobile web and app wave hit us years ago, but many retail brands are still adjusting to the new buying reality. More people now browse the web on mobile devices than desktops. Customers discover brands in different ways, learn about products with a mix of old and new channels, and expect an easy and convenient buying process.


Retail Personalization Do’s & Don’ts

When done effectively, creating retail experiences driven by personalization can increase both conversion and customer satisfaction. Here are some rules for the road when planning and executing personalization efforts.


Building Beyond Bricks & Mortar

User-centered design principles can aid Financial Services companies looking to build beyond their bricks & mortar footprint. Products, processes, and systems need to be crafted through a customer-centric lens. This means adopting more of a Fintech mindset and culture, placing a premium on the digital customer experience and developing new business models. Here are four ways to apply user-centered design today.


We’re Growing…as usual

You know that at Zemoga we are experts at building better digital experiences for our clients, you might be wondering how we do it. Well, it is all about the talent.