VR is Awesome, but Should You Care?

After so much waiting and so much hype, consumers can finally get their hands on VR. I mean, you’re probably going to need a lot of patience while you’re waiting for your order and there may be a lot of complaining, but alas, you can purchase it and that is all that matters.


Prototyping Today

I still remember the days when prototyping used to be thought of as an add-on for projects. Building a prototype could be construed as difficult, demanding lots of “extra” work and force design teams to borrow resources from the technical teams very early in the process.


Marketing Trends in the Digital Space

Siegel+Gale hosted a networking/learning event catering to Marketing Trends in the Digital space on Wednesday, February 24th in their beautiful offices in NYC. We originally thought of the two hour conference as a networking event, where we could mingle and pitch Zemoga to a wide variety of professionals.  We soon learned it wasn’t just about networking, but it was a learning event.


Collaborating socially

In this ever-changing, connected age, it sometimes seem like the world is a much smaller place. We’ve heard it before, but now more than ever, the world is literally at our fingertips. Not only in the sense of searching for information, but also in the sense of communicating with one another.


Zemoga’s 2015 Peppermint-Dusted Stocking of e-Wind!

Season’s Greetings to all friends of the Z! And like that sexy letter in our name, this is the last pearl for 2015, and what a year it has been I tell you! Our crown has been further encrusted to say the least with talent, accolades and good fortune, thanks to the support of people like you, or people you know…or maybe you knew, or want to know, just let me know. You get the point.


Context is King: The Importance of Journey Mapping

I’m not sure you had the chance to read Chad’s post a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t please do. I’ll wait until you’re done, don’t worry. My post works on its own in case you’re short of time, but since it really is a follow up of what Chad wrote, I’d recommend to take a look at the thoughts he shared.


How To Create Concepts Brands Can Grasp

If you’ve followed Zemoga for any length of time you would notice that we often work closely with PSFK to help create concepts around “the future”. Subjects like the future of work, healthcare, and retail. We love getting to work with these guys. It’s always a pleasure to just sit down and think “What is something we want to see in the world?” We thought it would be fun to kind of pull back our process a bit, to show you how we ultimately land on some of our concepts and how they made the cut.


Zemoga Takes Home 3 Davey Awards!

Every year the Davey Awards recognize the best creative work from small agencies, firms, and companies around the world.  This year Zemoga’s piece for Men’s Journal: Milos Raonic and the Website re-launch for XPO were honored.


The Earth Science of Agency Work

When I was in 3rd grade I got an assignment from my Earth Science teacher, Mrs. Kendall. She gave every student a cup of dirt and three small seeds. Each student carefully planted their seeds and placed them all neatly on top of a shelf in the back of the room by the window. Each morning, myself and the 20-odd some other students would rush to the back of the room to see how our seedlings were doing.


Zemoga is a 2015 W3 and CAD Award winner!

Zemoga’s submission, Men’s Journal: Milos Raonic and the Future of Tennis, was awarded three Silver Awards.  The winning piece was created for Wenner Media.  Wenner wanted to create a responsive, experience for a custom interactive feature. Zemoga designed and developed the site to leverage Men’s Journal’s classic style and provide the richness of digital media.