Best of Zemoga 2011: Fall Reel

At Zemoga, we’re proud of the work we do. So we put together a reel to show it all off to you. Clients featured include Citibank, Toyota and the Mozilla Foundation.

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Blast From Holiday Parties Past!

A little Holiday cheer from our 2009 (Can you believe it was so long ago!?!?) year end shin-dig!

Want to walk a little further down memory lane? Check out more photos on Flickr.


I Am Not An Infographic

by Alison Rominger (@heartskipsbeat)

Hi. I’m Alison, and I am not the 25-30 year old in this infographic:

Oh I used to be, which is how I ended up with more shoes, massages, clothes, kitchen gadgets, yoga classes, paintings, flokati rugs, haircuts, knick knacks, doo dads, tschotskes, and pink roller skates then any human being would actually need. How did this happen you ask? How did an otherwise perfectly sane, responsible and dare I say frugal person turn into a borderline hoarder/shopping addict?

First there was Gilt Groupe. And that was quickly followed by RueLaLa, Ideeli, Groupon, Lifebooker,, One Kings Lane, Living Social, etc, etc, etc, each one more enticing and with better deals than the last.  It would all start first thing in the morning, when I would peruse through the emails for the daily local deals. Zip lining in Philadelphia? Sign me up! Shooting lessons in South Jersey? Yes please! Then I would browse through the preview emails to map out my plan of attack for the sales that start at noon.  At five of noon, I would open each website in my browser and hit refresh every thirty seconds until it was noon on the dot. Then bam! Flurries of clicking and shopping carting the first items I could get my grubby little arrow on before some other hapless shopping addict did before me.

Then would follow a mad dash to check out before my 10 minutes expired and my coveted winnings were snatched from my shopping cart and thrown back to the wolves. Chaching! The sweet feeling of success when the “thank you for blowing your entire paycheck with us” email arrives in my inbox. Join you for lunch? Sorry guys I’m broke, but wait till you see me sashaying around the office in the fancy new boots I just bought.

Then I moved to New York City. And when I arrived at my new, much, much smaller apartment it quickly dawned on me that I had a lot of stuff. What is all this stuff? And where am I going to put it? I realized then that I had a problem that needed to stop. Cold turkey. No more online shopping at all. Starting that day all emails would be redirected to the junk mail box, all websites would be un-bookmarked and I would not give in, no matter what.

One year later, and A LOT of stuff lighter, I can proudly tell you today I am no longer that infographic. And when a friend sends me an instant message at noon on the dot that reads: “Tell me to put it back!!” with a link to an item they most definitely do not need, I can reply, “Don’t be such an infographic, put it back!”

Do you see yourself in the infographic above? What about your co-workers?


Al Gore Recognizes Zemoga’s Climate of Innovation at the PSFK Gaming for Good Event

By Sven Larsen & Dan Licht

Photo by Louis Caldarola (

One of the most fun parts about working at an organization that has innovation at its core is the opportunities we get to work with like minded partners. Piers Fawkes, Jeff Weiner and the team at PSFK are some of our favorite “fellow travelers” and we’re always excited whenever they invite us to participate in one of their innovation challenges. Their latest effort involved working with The Climate Reality Project on “PSFK Gaming for Good“, an initiative that challenged creative shops like ours to use gamification to promote awareness of climate change. The talented innovation team at Zemoga rose to the occasion once again, submitting a number of different approaches and we were delighted when one of our concepts was selected for inclusion among the top ten finalists. Quite an honor considering there were more than 60 agencies submitted material for consideration.

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Simply App-tastic

by Briana Campbell (@MsMatchGirl)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, as evidenced by last Wednesday’s post, about apps. The ones you need and the ones you don’t need. The ones you thought you’d use and the ones you download and never use again.

So, I’ve got my new iPhone and I’m starting to download apps. As you can see from the above screenshot, I’ve got Angry Birds (need) and Camera+ (recommended by a friend, but one I so far use in a re-touching/editing way. And one I reach for after Instagram.) And maybe it’s because I’ve already owned a smartphone, but I’m just not going nuts for the app store like I thought I would be.

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Top Five: Go-To Websites


by Tatiana González (@tatigonza)


Writing this post was not so easy for me, as I’m not very constant on the sites I read, but still these are some that I find engaging for some reason.

Mashable: This might be the one site I really read daily, I love getting to know new sites, new technologies, social media news and a lot more. If you also like cool news on trends, innovation and tecnology, you’ll surely like reading this site.

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